How to Make TikTok Accounts Private

How to Make TikTok Private? – Secure Your Account

To begin, a private TikTok account is an account where only followers you authorize can see your profile and your posts. Besides, your posts will never appear in the search taps.

However, some people prefer to have a private TikTok account to keep a close relationship with their relatives. For this reason, we outlined some steps to make TikTok account private. The process is the same on IOS and Android.

  1. Open your TikTok App,
  2. Go on your Profile (person icon),
  3. Tap on the 3 dots on your right,
  4. Then tap on privacy and setting,
  5. Now, tap on Privacy and safety,
  6. Then, switch to Private account.

How to Make Your TikTok Videos Private?

Some people will like to make some TikTok Videos private to restrict a large number of people from watching their videos.

A TikTok video could be made private in 2 cases:

  • When posting the video: When you are about to post the video tap on “who can view this video” and choose private (visible to you only).
  • Posted videos: Tap on the person icon, select your video, tap on the 3-row dots, tap on privacy, and setting then choose private.
Private TikTok Account

How Secure Is TikTok for Kids?

Nowadays using social media has become dangerous, because people misuse the app, for our kids to use TikTok some regulations have been established. The followings steps show how TikTok can be regulated for the child’s safety:

  • Parents should follow their children on TikTok to watch the activities of their children,
  • Parents should set their children’s account to private,
  • Turn off the option “suggest your account to others,”
  • Set friends on who can send them a message,
  • Set friends on who can comment on their videos,
  • Still, on setting and privacy, tap on Digital Wellbeing,
  • Turn on the restricted mode, to limit the appearance of content that may not be appropriate,
  • Turn on the screen management, to close TikTok when the required time for using TikTok has exceeded.

FAQs About Making TikTok Private

Can children use TikTok?

Yes, as far as the guidelines for child safety have been respected then, there is no risk. 

If I set my account to private will followers still be able to find me?

Yes, your followers can still find you and see your content.

If I set my video private will it be famous?

No, it will not be famous because only you or a few amounts of people can watch it.

TikTok Private in Short

Each person has its purpose for creating a TikTok account. For example, some people have fun, others to be famous. Setting a TikTok account private is a personal decision that increases personal safety for children and sensitive persons.

If you want to learn more about TikTok, please check out our other articles in the website.

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