How to Use TikTok Ads

How to Use TikTok Ads? (Ad Types)

You don’t have to be a social media addict to have heard of TikTok. The app became quite popular in a very short period. It gained more than eight hundred million users in total. And now, it also features ads in between the videos. If you want to step up your online marketing strategy or promote your account, TikTok Ads is a good way to start.

Here is what you need to do on TikTok Ads to advertise. 

  • Open a TikTok Ads account. 
  • Create an ad campaign by clicking the campaign tab on the dashboard.
  • Choose your campaign objective: Traffic, Conversions, and App Install.
  • Adjust where to place your ads from Placements.
  • Add the required details like your website URL.
  • Target your audience by setting the preferred demographics.
  • Set up your total and daily budget starting from five hundred and fifty dollars in order.
  • Schedule your budget and decide on which time frame it will be spent.
  • Set your budget spending rate.
  • Choose and optimization goal between these three choices: Conversion, Click, or Impression.
  • Design your ad. Make it creative and intriguing by adding sounds and texts.
TikTok ads

Types of TikTok Ads You Can Create

There are six different ways to make your ads on TikTok. Choose the best forum for your product or advertising reason.

  • Brand Takeovers

This type of ad comes right after when a user opens the app. You can direct it to a link. This form of ad is restricted to one advertiser each day.

  • In-Feed Ads

These are the ads that come in between the organic users’ videos. This means the audience will view your ad in the queue of their feed.

  • Hashtag Challenges

You can create a sponsored hashtag and TikTok asks the users to do a certain task while using the hashtag as a challenge. These usually last around a week and can help you promote and draw attention.

There are also three more types of ads called Branded Lenses, Top Views, and Custom Influencer. One lets you create your own branded lens that lets users use and promote. Top Views is like Brand Takeovers and shows the ad when the app is opened. Custom Influencer is to partner with an influencer and do the ad by their TikTok videos.


How do I design my ad?

TikTok gives you a set of tools called the Video Creation Kit. You can design and adjust your video in any way you want.

What is the easiest way to optimize my ad?

Besides having good visual quality and clarity, there is a tool called Smart Optimization, where TikTok offers to optimize your ad placement and target audience settings itself. When you enable this, it will change some settings, and your bidding will be customized. 

How many active users TikTok has?

In total, there are more than eight hundred million active users.


This article was to explain and guide you through TikTok ads. Hope we were able to explain and help. If you are interested to see more articles on TikTok, check our website for more.

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