TikTok: How to Use It

TikTok: How to Use It? (A Simple Guide)

TikTok is an app that enables video creation and sharing as well as live streaming. For TikTok, it’s an entertainment app that’s moving in the way of Snapchat and making a lot of improvements as we move along this path.

TikTok focuses on short musical videos created by users. With the TikTok app, you can navigate through millions of videos uploaded by other users or create your own video. And how are you going to do that? How to use it? In our article today, we’ll find an answer to that question.

First Things First

Search and download TikTok on iOS or Android to start your journey. Then open the app and sign in with your Facebook or Google account. You will find many popular videos to watch on the home screen. If you don’t like it, swipe up the screen to go to the next video. You can also vote, comment, and share the video using the icons on the right side of the screen. You can browse categories and search for keywords or hashtags to find the videos you want.

Creating a Video

All videos in TikTok are 15-60 seconds long (you can select the time limit by selecting the option at the bottom of the recording button). That’s why you might want to plan your video before you start. When you’re ready, the video capture screen will open when you click the “+” icon. You will notice that there are many other icons outside the red recording button. Let’s have a look.

How to Use TikTok

TikTok Buttons

Effects icon: This icon is located at the lower left side of the screen. You can choose from the special effects menu that you can use in your video, such as touch-and-sparkly snow, black and white movie effects, and interactive effects that change as your body moves during filming.

Photo Templates: This option at the bottom of the recording button lets you upload your photos to a creative video gallery with music. Swipe left of your template, and then tap the Select Photos icon to start uploading your photos.

Insert a sound: At the top of the screen, there is the option to “add sound.” Tap it to find a song for your video. You can also use this option to save songs for later videos. If you couldn’t decide which song you want to use, you can use many options from ready-made sounds.

Speed: The speed icon lets you control how fast or slow your video is. You can speed it up and slow it down to maximize laughter.

Beauty: This icon lets you add a beauty filter to your video. Tap the icon to open it, and then tap again to turn it off.

Filters: The Filters icon lets you add filters to your video, as in other video apps.

Timer: Want a shorter video? The timer lets you customize how long you want your video to last. You can use the slider to select how many seconds the video will save before it closes automatically.

When you’re done shooting, tap the red checkmark. You’ll then be redirected to an editing screen. Here you can add filters, stickers, change effects and sounds, and add text to the video. After editing, you can add hashtags, tag your friends, close comments, share posts, change privacy settings, and save them as drafts.


Who initiated the First Kiss TikTok?

While the engaged pair pointed both fingers at Lopez, 50, on the first question, accepting that the singer was the one to start their first kiss, their fingers went in opposite directions as they disagreed on a few other questions that followed.

What is the Couple Challenge?

If one of them is nominated, they have to write. The rules are pretty basic, and that gives couples a reason to share some happy, nostalgic moments. These two challenges originated on Instagram and are now at the top of WhatsApp stories.

How do TikTok challenges start?

TikTok’s challenges, both organic and funded, are always a mixture of three elements: language, sound, and action (usually choreographed dance). These can be launched by individuals, usually TikTokers or influencers with many fans, or by companies that have invested in TikTok advertising.


In our article, we informed you about TikTok and how you could use it. If you want to color your fun videos with music and become the superstar of your world, you can download this app. If you want to learn more about such topics, please have a look at our website.

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