What Is TikTok Analytics

What Is TikTok Analytics? (+ Benefits)

In 2019, TikTok introduced an analytics tool to provide a better service to its users. This analytics tool has a system that gives your general audience’s information and the performance of your published content. With this analytics tool, users can easily track their TikTok accounts without a fake third-party application. Today we will explain to you in detail what this analytics tool is.

How to Use TikTok Analytics?

Even if the TikTok Analytics is the TikTok application’s own service, you need a Pro account to use this service. When you have the TikTok Pro account, the Analytics section opens automatically, and you can track your account in detail. At this point, after switching to the TikTok Pro account, sharing more content than usual will be useful for a better understanding of your analytics.

There is three main information you can get about your account in the TikTok Analytics section. An overview of your profile, followers, and content. You can review each category separately and find out how many times TikTok users visited your profile and how many times your video was viewed between 7 or 28 days. Also, when you click on the Followers chart, you can see your total number of followers and follower movements over a period of 7 or 28 days. So, you can look at how many followers you gained on the day you shared a video.

TikTok Analytics

Benefits of TikTok Analytics

TikTok’s Analytics is a very useful and professional service for you to manage and improve your account because you can get information and track the interaction of your account, from the total number of content views to users who visit your profile. These analytics are all effective ingredients and the keys to help you prepare a good growth plan. Once you have understood the interaction rates and times of your content, you can create a calendar for your TikTok account and grow your account with a plan in better quality.

FAQs About TikTok’s Analytics

Can I see the analytics of a specific post with TikTok’s Analytics?

Of course, to view the analytics of a single post, simply tap the post’s picture. Thus, you can get a lot of information, such as the number of comments on your post, the total playing time, and so on.

Can I see the analytics of my TikTok account after switching to the TikTok Pro account?

After switching to the Pro account, you have to wait seven days so that TikTok can get enough data to analyze.

Can I see my interactions with TikTok Analytics in the For You section?

Of course. With the Analytics, you can learn your total views on the For You page.

Conclusion – The Analytics

Today, we told you what TikTok Analytics is. The Analytics service is very important because you can understand which of your content attracts more attention and concentrate on it and get more followers. Therefore, you should switch to the pro account and analyze your account with TikTok’s Analytics.

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